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Olde City Lending will manage your appraisal system and add the required “Firewall” between loan production and the appraiser making you compliant with all the new appraisal guidelines. We also want to be your partner in growing your business 

Olde City promotes portability of appraisals; saving consumers and lenders the cost of extra appraisals.  With your help we can change the way appraisal process works today 

Help us help you  Are you a lender looking for more wholesale clients – we can help you grow your business with our exclusive marketing contract with the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. Has your present AMC brought you any customers?  We work with over 10,000 members nationally! 

Need Training??  We offer free training to all our clients on collateral risk management from Certified USPAP instructors. Perfect for your underwriters! 

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